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You can use this number to Call Working Tax Credits Customer Helpline on 0843 308 1990.

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working tax credit telephone number

About Working Tax Credits

Working tax credit is money you could receive if you are eligible based on the criteria provided by government. This funding is set up in order to assist those in need of support when working under a certain amount of time per week and being paid below a certain amount. To find out more about working tax credits or to speak to someone about whether you could receive the funding contact the Contact Numbers.Co phone number for Working Tax Credits Helpline now on 0843 308 1990.


The amount of funding you receive depends upon your circumstances and the amount that you have incoming. The usual amount given is normally around £1,900 but this amount can increase or decrease depending, as stated, upon your hours of work per week and income. You must be above the age of 16 to be eligible for Working Tax Credit, you can use the tax credit calculator which can be located on the Working Tax Credit website to find out the amount you are eligible for. Alternatively you can speak to someone direct to gain advice by contact the Contact Numbers.Co phone number for Woking Tax Credit Customer Care on 0843 308 1990.

Making a claim

To make a claim to receive the Working Tax Credits Benefits you must fill out a claim form, when applying for a form it can take up to two weeks to arrive at your address. This may not be necessary if you are already receiving the working tax credits funds and are just wishing to amend or update any information. To request a form or to amend personal information ring the Contact Numbers.Co phone number for working tax credits customer helpline now on 0843 308 1990.

Claiming for working tax credits can be done throughout the year and you can use the claim form to apply for child tax credits at the same time if this is relevant to you. You can also apply up to One Week before beginning a new job. In addition to filling out the claim form you may be required to supply supporting evidence, which is needed to back up your claim, these documents include things such as payment slips, bill records, childcare and more. For more information about what you need to be able to claim ring the Working Tax Credit’s Customer Care Helpline on the Contact Numbers.Co phone number provided – 0843 308 1990.

When you contact Working Tax Credits Customer Helpline, there are a few pieces of information you will need to provide. These include, your National Insurance Numbers, your income throughout the last year, information regarding any childcare you are paying for and also any other form of benefit you are receiving. Call the Working Tax Credits Helpline now on the Contact Numbers.Co phone number provided 0843 308 1990 for further assistance.

Please note that claims can take up the five weeks to process, and you must renew your claim once annually making sure that you keep up to date with all your personal information. If you have any other questions regarding Working Tax Credits, eligibility, how to claim, payment Methods and more, contact the Contact Numbers.Co phone number for working tax credits customer helpline – 0843 308 1990.

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