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You can use this number to call Virgin Mobile Customer Services – 0843 308 3297.

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virgin mobile contact phone number

About Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile offers a variety of different packages and handsets for customers. You can choose a flexible contract to suit your needs, and opt for either a pay monthly or pay as you go package.  Virgin Mobile also offers  a Sim only contract. Virgin mobile also provides mobile broadband services and a wide variety of mobile handsets as well as differing tariffs and allowances to suit your individual needs. To speak to someone now about what Virgin Mobile could offer you, call the Contact Numbers.Co phone number for Virgin Mobile’s Customer Services on 0843 308 3297.

Setting up your new handset

If you are a brand new customer of Virgin Mobile and you have just received your mobile handset there are a few things you need to do to get it up and running. A good thing to do is set up your online account with Virgin Mobile, this allows you to manage your allowance and remaining balance, view your bill amounts quickly and easily and also keep on top of any payments as well as being able to top up your phone 24/7. For assistance call the Contact Numbers.Co phone number for Virgin Mobile’s Customer Helpline on 0843 308 3297.

If you wish to keep your old number you will need to ring the customer service team to begin a transfer from your new number back to your old one, this can take just 24 hours and means you won’t have to notify all of your contacts of your change in number. To do this just ring the Customer Care helpline for Virgin Mobile on the Contact Numbers.Co telephone number provided – 0843 308 3297.

Voicemail is a frequent query with Virgin Mobile, as you need to set up a Voicemail Pin in order to begin picking up your messages. After doing this you can manage every detail of your voice messages such as diverts, personal greeting, altering pin number and managing your messages. Voice mailing does apply extra charges and these do vary, for more information about Voicemail services provided by Virgin Media from costing to setting up/altering your pin call the Contact Numbers.Co number for Virgin Mobile’s Customer Care on 0843 308 3297.

What to do in the case of a Lost or Stolen phone

You will need to notify Virgin Mobile of the Loss or Theft of your handset within 24 hours of the event. This can be done by calling the Contact Numbers.Co number for Virgin Mobile Customer Services Helpline on 0843 308 3297. Virgin Mobile can then block anybody from using up any credit on your phone, accessing personal details and incurring charges to your account in which you have no control over. If you have any insurance you will need to notify the police of the incident in order to gain a crime reference number, which you may need to provide to the insurance company to make a claim. If you have insurance with Virgin Mobile you will need to contact them directly as criteria can vary depending on the level of cover you carry on your insurance policy. You can talk to someone now by contact the Virgin Mobile Customer Helpline on the Contact Numbers.Co phone number provided – 0843 308 3297.

For any other questions you may have regarding upgrades, handsets, technical support, account registering or any other queries, contact the Virgin Mobile’s Customer Services team now by calling the Contact Numbers.Co phone number 0843 308 3297.


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