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You can use this number to Call Thames Water Customer Services on 0843 308 8260.

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thames water customer care helpline telephone number

About Thames Water

Thames Water is a water waste management company located in London and is responsible for the treatment of over 4 gigalitres of water waste in the central and larger areas of London, England. These places include Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, The Thames Valley and more. Thames Water waste treatment company is among them of the vastest in the United Kingdom and is possessed by Kemble Water. To get to know more about Thames Water, there services and if you can receive them call the Contact Numbers.Co phone number for Thames Water Customer Service Helpline on 0843 308 8260.

Burst pipes and leakages

If you are a customer with Thames Water an you have spotted what you suspect could be a leak or a burst then you should get in touch immediately with Thames Water either by using the Twitter direct page or calling the Contact Numbers.Co phone number for Thames Water Customer Care on 0843 308 8260. Thames Water offer to repair and fix any damage to your supply pipe, even though this section of piping is actually owned by the property owner. Any leakage that is in fact inside your home, you must fix on your own terms. Charges and criteria apply and vary so please check the website or ring the customer service team on the Contact Numbers.Co phone number for more information – 0843 308 8260. Thames Water supplies water to over 9 million people over the United Kingdom and so is always ensuring all water mains and pipes are well maintained for best possible service.

If you are living in rented accommodation, responsibility to help stop a leak still lies with you. You should also contact your landlord as well as notifying Thames Water customer services using the Contact Numbers.Co phone number provided 0843 308 8260. Thames Water sometimes offer something known as a ‘Leakage Allowance’ this affects people who use the water meter payment method, as leaks can cause bills to increase rapidly due to the excess water that will be passing through the meter count. This mean the leak will be taken into consideration but can only be applied if you have not received a leakage allowance before from Thames Water. Contact Thames Water Customer Helpline for more information about leaks and burst’s on the Contact Numbers.Co phone number – 0843 308 8260.

Drains and Sewers

Drain and Sewer blockages can be a real problem but are easily avoided. If you would like to help Thames Water in putting a stop to them then here are a few tips. Blockages are caused by objects being flushed down the toilet that aren’t supposed to be. Things such as face/wet wipes, kitchen paper or anything other than toilet roll should be disposed of using a household waste bin, as they are not designed to be disposed of in a sewer. Blockages can also be caused by the solidification of cooking oils and fats that have been poured down the sink; disposing of any excess cooking oils and fats in the bin can prevent this. To find out more about what you can do in your home to help the prevention and reduction of sewer and drain blockages, contact the Thames Water customer service’s on the Contact Numbers.Co phone number provide – 0843 308 8260.


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