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You can use this phone number to Call Orange Customer Services on 0843 218 6830.

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About Orange

Orange is a mobile network company that offers services for both personal and business use. Packages can be bought accordingly and special deals can be offered to those wishing to use Orange’s network for business purposes. Offers are also available for personal users and price plans can be discussed in order to find one which best suits your individual needs. Orange, along with T-Mobile is a part EE,  the largest mobile network in the UK, but still operates as its own company as well as through EE. For more information about Orange’s offers and tariffs call the Contact Numbers.Co phone number for Orange Customer Service Helpline on 0843 218 6830.



Orange can offer a wide range of 4G ready mobile phones –  4G being the new fastest mobile network available. The range of handsets varies from the likes of iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, Sony Experia, Nokia Lumia, Samsung Galaxy, Mini, Ace, HTC 1, Mini and LG G2. These are all available on 4G and with a range of different price plans. The price will vary depending on the handset you chose and the amount of airtime you wish to have access to. For example, the number of minutes of calling time, the amount of text messages and the amount of data you wish to have available on your price plan, will alter the price of your monthly payments. For more information on which phones are available on pay monthly 4G and the best deal for you ring the Contact Numbers.Co number for Orange’s Customer Care on 0843 218 6830.

If you do not wish to purchase a pay monthly plan, then pay as you go deals are also available including the option of  4G phones. These can either be used with pre-purchased bundles or by simply topping up credit, this can be done by phoning the Contact Numbers.Co number for Orange customer services on 0843 218 6830.

Broadband offers

Orange not only offers network to mobile users but also offers broadband services. Sim cards for i-Pads are available on a monthly tariff, as well as price plans for various other devices such as Sony Xperia Tablets which may be available free with some pay monthly plans. Orange also offers an E3131 Dongle deal, which may also be free on a monthly contract for 18 months. All these broadband offers and more can be discussed further with Orange’s Customer Service, which can be contacted through Contact Numbers.Co using the number provided – 0843 218 6830.

Safety and Security

Orange is dedicated to making sure younger users of the network are safe whilst online. All devices now come with a free parental lock that can be controlled via you as the parent or carer. This software works in three different settings, Light –this is a default setting and is automatically put in place for new customers, it filters out anything regarded for over 18’s such as sexually explicit sites or images. Strict – this is the extra safe setting and not only filters out anything 18 rated but also things inappropriate for youngsters including any chat or date websites that may be accessed otherwise. Off- this is full Internet accessible setting and means there is no limit on what can be accessed. To discuss the parental lock with Orange or to talk more about how you can control what your children view call the Contact Numbers.Co phone number for Orange’s Customer Care on 0843 218 6830.

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