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You can use this number to Call O2’s Customer Services on 0843 308 1989.

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o2 customer care helpline telephone number

About O2

O2 is one of the United Kingdoms largest mobile networking companies, it was formed in 1985 by two partners; these were the BT Group and Securicor. It was originally named Cellnet before being rebranded ‘O2’ in 2002. O2 is now part of the international telecommunications company Telefonica. O2 offers Mobile networking as well as Home broadband and has numerous shops located all around the United Kingdom. To speak to O2 about what they can offer you and to ask any questions including where your nearest store is then call the Contact Numbers.Co number for O2’s customer service helpline now on 0843 308 1989.


O2 prides it self upon an award winning and reliable network, meaning in recent years investments have been made into ensuring daily improvements upon the network’s expansion and reliability as well as keeping the environmental impact to a minimum. Using the O2 website you can monitor the goings on in their quest to improve your service now and see what’s happening around you. You can also check the coverage in your area and see if any arrangements for future improvements have been made in order to allow coverage in any areas that are low or not yet available. For more information about O2’s quest to keep on providing a first class networking service or to suggest any areas that may need improvements call the Contact Numbers.Co phone number for O2’s Customer Service Centre on 0843 308 1989.

Products and Services

O2 offer a wide range of different products and services, one in particular is the Wi-Fi and Tablet Bundle. These are available in store and the cost can vary depending on the make and model of the tablet you chose and the allowance of ‘Air Time’, which includes text messages, phone calls and data allowance. All customers are allowed to change their mind about O2 refresh plans they have signed up for within 7 working days. This means you can get a different plan or a refund on your upfront payments for any handset you chose or charges for Wi-Fi upon returning these both to O2. For more information about packages involving tablets, Wi-Fi or O2 Refresh plans call the Contact Numbers.Co number for O2’s customer care team on 0843 308 1989.

International phone usage

O2 offer overseas service and your O2 phone will operate as usual, receiving and making text messages and phone calls and data usage, in over 200 different countries. This however may incur extra charges added on to your excising price plan, if this is applicable to you. An example is if you are travelling to Spain and wish to make phone calls and / or send text messages home and you are on a monthly price plan there could be a surcharge to call UK mobiles and landlines, this is on top of your originally price plan and will not use any of your UK calling time. Data usage is also charged per MB downloaded, if you wish to learn more about using your phone abroad then call the Contact Numbers.Co number for O2’s Customer care on 0843 308 1989. They can also advise you on buying add on and various bundles in order to control your usage abroad. This is cost effective and very useful to those who travel.

For any other questions you may have regarding O2, including such topics as Upgrading your Phone or maybe you didn’t understand a bill or payments that have been made, call the Contact Numbers.Co phone number for 02’s customer Service Helpline on 0843 308 1989.


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